• Tags: project, societal
  • Date: 07 March 2020

For this school project we had to make an experimental video/film with the theme "wander". I've searched for what kind of wander I could use for the concept and I figured out that nowadays, everyone is lost in the consumer and media society, which causes us to wander in this surreal world. Greed and power have become more important than being able to live together and alongside each other in a sincere and honest way, not only for humans but for nature and wildlife too.

I felt like I had to send this message into the world, that world where all of this bullshit is going on. I've tried to contradict what is going on in our world. Capitalism wouldn't go without poverty, mass production wouldn't go without pollution. Pollution can't go without wildlife harm.

Throughout the years people didn't become brothers, they are more separated from each other. More than ever before.